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Energies Trading.

We Trying to penetrate into the energy market then you should go with the underlying commodity such as crude oil,brent oil,heating oil and gas oil. To trade in energy market with crude or brent oil a trader always uses CFD (contract for difference).

Like Metal trading has gold to it’s highest, energy trading also has oil to deal within the market,oil is used as most commonly commodity in the market. Crude oil CFDs are available on two main products, either the US WTI/Light Crude as traded on the New York Exchange (NYMEX), or the Brent crude which is traded on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).

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Energies CFDs contract Specification

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Symbol Name Actual Rate Floating Spread (Minimum) Floating Spread (Average) Floating Spread (Maximum) Limit & Stop Level Margin USD Point size Point Value USD Trading Hours
GOLD SPOT 1293.11 1293.43 -0.54 GOLD SPOT 1293.11 1293.43 -0.54 1293.11 1293.43 -0.54
GOLDEURO 1142.30 1142.85 -0.54 GOLD SPOT 1293.11 1293.43 -0.54 1293.11 1293.43 -0.54
GOLDgr 41.575 41.583 0.05 GOLD SPOT 1293.11 1293.43 -0.54 1293.11 1293.43 -0.54

Invest Responsibly :
Trading CFDs involves significant risks.